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Activities Overview

Discussed the readings:
     - A Nickel and a Prayer,
     - secondary sources on Hunter,
     - historical works that provided context for A Nickel and a Prayer,
     - African American autobiographical narratives (fall 2008).

Planned archival research trips (fall 2008).
     - Determined budget for travel, accommodations, meals, and photocopies. 
     - Wrote travel grant proposal letters to likely sponsors.
     - Followed up on letters.
     - Received funding from the Clemson University Department of English.
     - Received funding from the College of Arts, Architecture, and Humanities
        through the Humanities Board of the Clemson University Foundation.
     - Received funding from a private donor.    

Collaborated on publishing proposal for a new, edited and annotated edition of A Nickel and a Prayer (fall 2008).
     - Researched publishers.
     - Collaboratively wrote draft of the book proposal.
     - Submitted final proposal.
     - Received letter of acceptance from West Virginia University Press.

Worked on annotations.
     - Determined what needed to be annotated.   
     - Researched, wrote, and revised a draft of the annotations.

Completed individual assignments:
     - individual research areas,
     - African American autobiographies and their authors (fall 2008),
     - annotations,
     - term papers

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