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Short Term Goals of Project:

To educate and inspire viewers of this documentary on the life, work, and legacy of Jane Edna Hunter, a remarkable African-American woman who rose from the most humble beginnings in South Carolina to become a nurse, lawyer, club woman, and founder of a national organization to assist young African-American women moving north during the "Great Migration" of the early 20th century, and then a philanthropist whose impact is still being felt today through college scholarships for African-American women in South Carolina and Ohio through a non-profit National Phillis Wheatley Foundation.  

Jane Edna Hunter achieved all of these accomplishments during a time when higher education and opportunities outside the home for all women were extremely limited.  What makes her life story so exceptional is that as an African-American woman from the South, the obstacles that stood in her path during the late 19th and early 20th centuries were greater than can be imagined today.  She was determined and very little stood in her way.  More importantly, she was successful.  The Phillis Wheatley Association that she founded in 1911 in Cleveland continues to serve the African American community but the woman herelf is nearly all but forgotten today.  

The plan is to establish her legacy with a 60-minure documentary film that will be submitted to various national film festivals and then made available to South Carolina and Ohio public television and various national history channels.  It will also be available to educational institutions  throughout the nation.


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