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ENG 483 Creative Inquiry Team - Fall 2012
The team is comprised of 10 individuals, combining both undergraduate and graduate students.  The students enrolled in the class  to help further the research and pre-production aspects of the Jane Edna Hunter documentary.

Michael Whiteside

Individual Work: Createad an online map of Jane Edna Hunter's travels.

Group Work: "Fearless" trailer team


Sam Chapman

Individual Research: Photographic history 

Group Research: Newsletter team

Brady Brown

Individual Work: Script for documentary

Group Work: "Fearless" Trailer team

Jennifer Nelson

Individual Work: Soundtrack for documentary

Group Work: Fundraising team

Alexis Short

Individual Work: Demographic Research

Group Work: Fundraising team

Elizabeth Willits

Individual Work: Costume design 

Group work: Newsletter team

Kristin Sutton

Individual Work: Lesson plan for a high school history or English class

Group Work: Fundraising team

Alex Martinelli

Individual Work: Storyboard for documentary


Group Work: Fundraising team

Dustin Pearson

Individual Work: Facebook Page

Jarrett Nixon

Individual Work: Website

Group Work: "Fearless" trailer team

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