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High School Class Lesson Plan: Kristin Sutton

Performance Expectations Guide - Jane Edna Hunter Timeline

Overview: As we read Jane Edna Hunter’s autobiography record on a timeline (you may choose how to set up the timeline) the significant events of her life. For each event the time and place as well as a short description of the event. In addition to the description you should include a brief explanation as to why you chose that event and explain the significance it had in Mrs. Hunter’s life—did it in some way contribute to her success or drive her to open the Phillis Wheatley Association?

Gameplan: As we begin reading A Nickel and a Prayer you should begin thinking about your timeline. Keep notes with the important events in Jane Hunter’s life or the important people that she encounters so that you won’t have to recall it all from memory later. You may start working on your timeline at any point—if you wish to work on it as you read you may end up with more than ten entries which is okay.

Objectives: Students will be able to
Analyze important events in Mrs. Hunter’s life
Analyze the impact of those events on Mrs. Hunter’s succes
Evaluate the author’s choice of including certain events/people in her book

Evaluation: Students may make an A if
They include at least 10 events on their timeline
The events are recorded in chronological order
The events contain accurate description
The explanation conveys the student’s understanding of why the event is important
The Timeline is coherent, neat, and well designed.

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