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The Pendleton Historic Foundation was founded in 1960s to ensure the preservation of the historic house at Woodburn. While the funds were being raised to restore the Woodburn house, the Mead Paper Company donated Ashtabula and an additional 10 acres of land to the Foundation, similarly ensuring its preservation for future generations.

As a result of these efforts, the Pendleton Historic Foundation now owns and operates two of the largest Upcountry plantation homes as historical museums for the enjoyment and educational purposes of visitors of all ages. The  Foundation board currently has three members: Carol Burdette, Jacquelline Reynolds, and Ellen Harrison.

The Foundation has been involved with the JEH project since its inception and has been instrumental in its development. Jacqueline Reynolds, Foundation president, worked closely with Vic Viles, the founder of Dead Horse Productions, to create the "Jane" promotional trailer, and has spearheaded the fundraising drive.

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