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  • County of Anderson

  • The State vs. Abe Milliner, Henry Walker, and Doe Milliner

  • Indictment for Assault and Battery of a High and Aggravated Nature- guilty to Abe Milliner, not guilty as to Henry Walker, L.D. Harris Forman.  Solicitor- Martin Ansel (Governor).

  • The Presiding Judge- J.D. Witherspoon (June 25th, 1891)- “Let the defendant pay a fine of $50.00 or the ___ in the state penitentiary for four months.”

  •  The trial occurred on June 4th.

  • The crime occurred on May 18th, 1891 on the steps of the Anderson Court House.






  • Petition-

    • I have known Abe Milliner for a number of years, and have never known him to get into any difficulty.  He is beyond the average intelligence and honesty.  Please release him.  -J.D. Maxwell.



  • Petition-

    • Abe is peaceful and quiet and would never do this without a reason.- D.H. Russell.






  • Order of Discharge- 24th of June, 1891.

    • Order found Henry Walker not guilty of Assault and Battery of a High and Aggravated Nature.






  • B. Harris wrote- W.R. Taylor (Monday the 18th, 1891) in Anderson County (near Pendleton), account.

    • W.R. said he was walking to get something and spoke to Henry Walker then to Abe Milliner- and Abe asked something about a bruise on Taylor’s face.  W.R. told him what caused it and then said, “If I were to stab you it would cause more blood than that”, so Milliner asked if Taylor had been drinking.  Taylor said, “it’s none of your business”  Milliner asked if Taylor had a “pistol in his jacket” and Taylor said he did not.  So Milliner- apparently- kicked Taylor and then hit him with the back of his shoe.  Then they had each other by the throat.  Henry Walker pulled Taylor off of Milliner and told Taylor to leave or Abe would kill him.  Henry held Taylor and Abe pulled out a knife.  Someone struck with something.  Taylor kicked Abe on the left hand, and he saw the knife.  Milliner struck him on the stomach, and another man struck him on the arm.  Someone fell and Taylor followed him down and tried to cut him.  Milliner called for Henry Walker, and Henry pulled him off.  I don’t know why Abe had a grudge against me unless it was because I prosecuted his brother for stealing.



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